2 weeks of whole30 done! – update and recipes

As I mentioned in my previous post, I started the whole30 programme from 1st of January. I spent the last few days of December reading up on what foods are allowed and looking at meal ideas. Can’t believe it has been 2 weeks already!

I already feel that my attitude towards food has completely changed. I look at labels when shopping, pick up fresh produce and love experimenting and trying out new recipes. What really helped me stick to the plan so far is planning my meals in advance and then buying my groceries. By doing this I knew exactly what my options were and could prep accordingly. It also stopped me from getting desperate and stuffing my face with something I shouldn’t be eating.

Breakfast most days is eggs – A quick fry up, scrambled in coconut oil, omelette, egg roll, poached in tomatoes etc. Lunch and Dinner is usually some protein cooked with herbs and spices with salad or Cauliflower rice on the side. Here are some pictures of my favourite meals in these 2 weeks   

Poached eggs in tomatoes

Poached eggs in tomatoes recipe

Mushroom and spring onion omelette
Egg roll with tomato and Avocado
Fried eggs
Fiery chicken and mushroom stir-fry

Recipe for Fiery chicken and mushroom stir fry 

Salmon with roasted vegetables

 Recipe for Salmon and roasted vegetables

Grilled Chicken with spices and salad, cauliflower and sauerkraut on the side   
Poached fish with tomatoes

As you can see, in these two weeks , I have eaten so well : balanced, healthy, nutritious and tasty meals. I am also feeling super energetic, have been sleeping well and loving the positive feeling. Let’s see how the next 15 days go. Will report back soon!  

* The recipes are from my recipe blog and are to give you an idea and some inspiration. Substitute with whole 30 compliant ingredients 🙂

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