Another DIY project – Drawer and cabinet lining

I have always admired people who take on big DIY projects! The things people do amazes me. I keep pinning ideas on Pinterest with the hope that I too will transform my furniture and other stuff around the house into something something but my DIY skills are quite limited. I am however planning to take on small projects and hopefully will get better at it.
My latest attempt at DIY (Hmm not sure if I can even call it DIY, should probably say craft 😉 ) was lining the kitchen cabinets and drawers with lining paper. The kitchen cabinets are quite old and need a revamp but we aren’t planning on changing the cabinets till we redo the entire kitchen so instead we changed the cabinet doors and for the interiors, I decided on the lining. I was so happy with the results, I also lined some chest of drawers in the bedroom.

I got the lining paper from ebay since I needed quite a few sheets and it was the best price I could find. Make sure you measure everything you want to line and then order the lining paper accordingly.
What you will need:
Lining paper obviously
Measuring tape
A Stanley knife or scissors
Measure the surface to be covered with a tape or a ruler and cut to dimensions. I left extra space to overlap while cutting so it doesn’t end up falling short.
Remove the protective paper from the side, line it at the end of the surface and stick down. Gradually remove the protective paper and smooth down the rest of the sticky paper with your palm and even out removing any air bubbles. 
The first one is always a bit tricky so try on a smaller surface and then go for the larger ones.

And there, your cabinets and drawers look all prettified! 🙂

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