Brunch at B’dou Cafe (City walk Dubai)

We hadn’t been to City walk before so today when we thinking of going for brunch, we decided to explore city walk and have brunch there. I loved roaming around there but soon started to feel hungry so we decided to go eat. There are quite a few brunch options here but we had shortlisted a few before leaving home and decided to go to Café B’dou.

It was pretty quiet and we were greeted and shown to our table and given the menus. The ambience is stylish but traditional and very beautifully designed. We loved the seating area – very comfortable, especially with a toddler, we all felt very relaxed. 

B’dou Café
B’dou Café

Everything on the Menu looked so good! I wish I could try everything. We took time to decide what we wanted and finally placed our order. 

Turkish Coffee

We decided to have some Turkish coffee to start with. Although I am a tea person, I am a fan of Turkish coffee. When we were having coffee, the little one was given a plate of biscuits – which was really nice of them. 

We decided to order Shakshouka, Rose chia pudding (since the little one loves it), Balaleet rolls and Grilled Halloumi followed by a trio of milk desserts.

Freshly baked Bread

We were asked how we like our eggs cooked on ordering. The Shakshouka was perfect and delicious. We cleaned off our plates 🙂 The bread that came with the Shakshouka was hot and fresh and so soft! The little one loved it and kept nibbling on it. 

Rose Chia pudding

The Chia pudding was really good with a lovely rose flavour which was perfect and not overpowering. The little one had most of it 🙂

Balaleet rolls

These saffron infused vermicelli egg rolls were something we had never had before so we decided to give them a try. Wasn’t a favourite but was quite unique and interesting.

Grilled Halloumi

We really like halloumi so we had to order this. This was so delicious! The light dressing was fabulous and the halloumi was grilled to perfection! Absolutely amazing! 

Trio of milk desserts

All the desserts looked so amazing but since we were pretty full, we decided to order this trio of desserts which was small portions of rose, pistachio and saffron milk cakes. If I wasn’t so stuffed I would have happily eaten more of these milk cakes and tried the other desserts. So good!! 

Rose milk cake
Saffron milk cake
Pistachio milk cake

Out of the three, the pistachio was our favourite. Yum!

We had a lovely time here. The staff were friendly and attentive and interacted with the little one. This place is definitely worth a visit – good food, lovely ambiance and great service! 

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