DIY mail / menu holder from a cereal box

Sometimes I get this sudden urge for craft and feel motivated to make something useful out of something which would otherwise be categorised as waste. I say sometimes because in the past, a lot of  my DIY attempts have been a total failure and quite disastrous, which have put me off doing DIY projects on my own. But when I have my husband around to lend me a helping hand or at least console me if things are not going the way they should, I feel brave enough to experiment. So the other day I made this letter/menu holder – whatever you want to call it – out of a cereal box and was quite pleased with the way it turned out! Unfortunately I haven’t taken pictures of every step but will try my best to explain the process.

Here is what you will need –

1) Cereal box

2) Glue 

3) Ruler

4) Ribbon

5) String

6) Decorative paper or sheet

7) Pen or pencil

Mark the shape you want to cut the box in, using a ruler and a pen. This is to make sure you cut in a straight line. You could make any shape you want – keep the sides and just cut the front of the box or cut the sides of the box at an angle to give it a shape or cut from the sides and the front (like I have).

Once you have the cut box as desired, glue the decorative paper to the box, carefully folding and gluing at the edges. I used the black ribbon to mask off some of my cutting mistakes (I couldn’t cut in a straight line despite marking it with a pen and a ruler! 🙁 ).

Make holes at the back of the box and pass the string through these. Secure the string with knots at both ends or you could skip this step and just place the box on a table. And there you have it – a cute little mail or in this case menu holder. 

After this project, I am feeling really inspired to take on more DIY projects and hopefully will have another DIY post soon. 

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