Lunch at Baku Café

We were at City walk, looking for a cafe to have a drink and to get out of the heat. The first place we came across was Baku. Having never tried Azerbaijani food and wanting to visit Azerbaijan, we were drawn to this place and went to have a look at the menu. One of the staffs went over the menu with us and we were very tempted by it. From the moment we stepped in till we stepped out, I couldn’t stop admiring the beautiful traditional interiors. The decorative plates on the brick walls, the large jars of pickled vegetables and the lovely furnishings gives this place so much character.

We chose a table near the window so our little one could look out. The seating here is so comfortable – they have really nice chairs and sofas – made us feel very relaxed.

We were given a regular menu along with a tablet menu which had pictures of all the dishes – this is so helpful while selecting the dishes. We were not very hungry but couldn’t resist ordering a few dishes.

While we waited for our food to arrive, we were served some bread with yoghurt. 

What we ordered –


Lemon iced tea – We ordered iced tea but having read a few more reviews of the restaurant later, we thought we should have ordered a compote. However the iced tea was very refreshing and had a perfect balance of sweet and sour. 

Hot appetizers 

Gyurza – Dough stuffed with lamb meat – fried or boiled. We couldn’t decide if we wanted them fried or boiled so the staff suggested that they could do them half and half which was great. This Azebaijani dumpling turned out to be a good option for the little one too as it wasn’t too spicy and was easy to eat.

Hot meals

Lamb Govurma – Pieces of fried lamb meat with onions, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and some dill. The dish was presented beautifully in a pan. I wasn’t a fan of the lamb but my other half really enjoyed it. I did enjoy the mushrooms and potatoes which had a lovely flavour from the onions. The dill on the side was a great addition to the dish. 

Baku Qutabs – A thin bread with a filling to choose from – greens, meat, cheese or pumpkin. We had the greens and the cheese qutabs. These were served with some fresh creamy yoghurt. These qutab triangles were perfect to nibble on and went well with the sauce from the lamb govurma dish too.

Wish we could have tried some more dishes. This place has such a lovely feel to it – I loved the ambience! Will definitely be visiting again
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