Lunch at Cafe Bazza (City walk, Al Safa)

I hadn’t tried traditional Kuwaiti food before so I was looking forward to trying some at Cafe Bazza. The place is very inviting and is family friendly. The staff was polite and friendly and I was made to feel comfortable as soon as I entered. There was soft music playing in the background and I had a very nice relaxed lunch. The food was like a home-cooked meal, making it very comforting.

What I had


Karak – I had this after my meal. I usually don’t like tea made in milk but I really liked this one.  It was presented in a such a beautiful way too. I had some leftover so they put it in a takeaway cup for me.

Mint Lemonade – I started with this mint lemonade while I decided on the mains. The lemonade was delicious with the perfect amount of mint – not too overpowering. It was a little too sweet but was very refreshing.


Combo – I was recommended the combo – A mix platter of Hummus, Mutabal, Kebdah and Grape leaves. The hummus was creamy and light – really good. I love mutabal and this was very tasty. It was simple and delicious. I asked for the grape leaves to be served cold – they were fresh and really nice. I wasn’t a fan of the kebdah and thought it was too dry.

Beef Sambosa – A pastry stuffed with minced beef. I liked that this was crispy and not greasy. The flavours were mild but it was tasty. I had taken the leftover home and my little one loved these.

Bazza Salad – Mixed leaves with chicken mousakhan, sweetcorn and halloumi seasoned with sumac. I liked the flavours of this salad – the saltiness of the perfectly cooked halloumi, the sweetness and crunch of the sweetcorn brought it all together.


Murabyan – A traditonal Kuwaiti Prawn and Rice dish . The rice was mildly flavoured and prawns were perfectly cooked. They had a nice crunch to them. It was served with a spicy tomato based sauce on the side. A very hearty and delicious dish.

Chicken Grandmother Style – Chicken with mushroom, potato and cream with a cheese layer on top. This was just pure comfort food! It had lovely simple flavours but was so delicious and moreish. I definitely recommend this one.


Kunafa – This was served with saffron syrup and chopped pistachios on the side. The Kunafa was very crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I liked that the syrup was served separately so you can add it as per your liking. The saffron syrup gave the kunafa a beautiful flavour.

I would definitely recommend this place for its lovely food and its warm service and ambiance.

Child friendly – YES.  They have highchairs. Also when I was here, a couple was having lunch with their little boy. The staff were playing with him and he seemed to be enjoying wandering around the cafe.

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