Lunch at Tanner and Co with the baby

Last weekend we went for a family lunch to Tanner and Co. with my mom and the little one. A really nice experience – good food, friendly staff  and most important, the little one seemed to have enjoyed herself too.

We went to the restaurant at about 12.30 so it was busy but not super busy.  There was no waiting and we were attended to immediately. We were settled at our tables with the menu cards and the little one was given some pencils and drawing paper which kept her occupied through lunch! 

We ordered fishcakes with avocado mayonnaise and tomato salsa, cauliflower cheeseburger with pickled red cabbage and chips, buttermilk chicken and waffle with maple syrup and slaw, and a side order of potato and spinach hash. We also ordered some lemonade for us and mac and cheese for the little one. 

The fishcakes which I ordered were really good.  I absolutely loved the presentation. The portion size was perfect for me and I savoured every bite, yum!

The cauliflower burger was a good vegetarian option for mom but probably a bit too big for her though. She enjoyed it but couldn’t finish it all. 

The buttermilk chicken and waffle was okay not great so was a bit disappointing. 

The little one liked the mac and cheese and also nibbled on the potato and spinach hash. She seemed to have really like her meal. 

The service was quite slow though – the food took quite long to arrive and so did our bill. 

Overall a good experience. What we really liked was the ambiance and the friendly staff. Will definitely visit again. 

My restaurant rating 4/5  

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