PizzaExpress (Trade Centre Area)

Whenever we have ordered pizzas in Dubai, we have ordered them from newer places or the ones we have not had from before. But when we ordered pizza a couple of days ago, we decided to order from a familiar place. Though we haven’t been to and haven’t ordered from PizzaExpress in Dubai before, so in a way it was a new experience :). The food arrived on time and was really good. It was packaged well in cardboard boxes with minimal use of plastic.

What we had


Marghertita Bufala – Our little one’s favourite is Margherita and we didn’t want to order 2 pizzas so we ordered just one of this, with the Romana crust.  The sauce was very tasty and the mozarella pieces with the cherry tomatoes made every bite delicious! The fresh basil on top was  lovely. A really nice and simple pizza but with so much flavour! We all loved it!


Baked Camembert bites – Baked Camembert and rosemary in breadcrumbs. This was served with spicy pomegranate pesto rosso.  The pesto rosso was absolutely amazing. It was perfect for the camembert bites. I was however expecting the camembert to be a bit softer inside. It was still quite nice.

Grilled Halloumi – Another favourite of the little one. The halloumi was grilled perfectly and was topped with capers, peppers and parsley. It was really tasty. The little one liked the halloumi a lot and had most of the pieces.

I was very happy with the pizza and would definitely visit PizzaExpress in Dubai sometime or order from here again.

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