Vegan Cafe – Planet Terra (The Greens, Dubai)

It has been more than 2 years since I have given up meat and almost an year since I have started cutting down on dairy. It has been a very easy process for me but I have to admit that dining out is a bit of a challenge. So when I found out that a vegan cafe was opening up near our place, it almost felt like it was for me! As soon as it opened its doors for customers, we were among the first few to visit.  I was instantly in love with the ambiance of the place. The interiors are done beautifully and the views overlooking the canal just gives it such a calm vibe. I have already been here a few times, sometimes just for coffee with friends and for meals with family. 

Honestly as much as I loved the ambiance, I wasn’t very happy with the food. Though it is innovative, tastes good and presented really well, I found some of the dishes a bit too greasy. 

So far I’ve had 3 types of coffees here – Green Matcha latte, Pistachio latte and the Mocha latte. They offer an option of Almond milk, soy milk and oat milk. I quite liked all 3. I guess it also helps if you are used to having non dairy alternatives. A friend of mine wasn’t very pleased with the soy coffee she had. 

I also tried the Chocolate dream date smoothie which unfortunately wasn’t as exciting as it’s name. I ordered this for my little one and she didn’t taste the chocolate in it. I was completely in agreement with her. It could have done with a little more chocolate.

The first time I went was for brunch with my family. It was the most exciting experience going through the menu because I could have anything, just anything. :). I opted for The Big Breakfast and the other half went for the Berry Acai Bowl. The Acai bowl was very refreshing, filling and delicious. The Big breakfast which is a vegan take on the Full English breakfast was a tad disappointing. I loved the components of the dish but some of it was greasy in my opinion.

The next meal was dinner with family. 

We ordered the Avocado fries, King Oyster Vurger (Vegan Burger) and Tofish and fries (Vegan take on Fish and chips).  When the food arrived, I could see the disappointment on my daughter’s face as she expected chips (thick fries) and not crisps. Because Fish and Chips dish has chips which mean thick fries. The fries tasted good but they were extremely greasy and so was the Tofish, Avocado fries and the mushroom in the burger. Initially we thought it tasted really good but after having a few bites, it was very heavy and oily. I wish it wasn’t because I liked the concept of the Tofish and Avocado fries. The Tofish especially tasted like fish! 

Coming to the good part – the desserts.  We have tried quite a few of the cakes – the chocolate cake, Orange cake, strawberry cake and carrot cake.  I liked all of them. The chocolate cake had a strong taste of coconut the first time we had it, possibly because of the use of coconut oil in the frosting. I didn’t mind it at all but my little one wasn’t very sure about it. But the second time we had it, it didn’t have that strong coconut taste to it.  I have to say it is my favourite out of all the cakes I’ve tried. Would love to try the other desserts.

I would definitely go back for the ambiance and for the vibe. Although I was a bit disappointed by the food because it was oily, I have to give them credit for creating a Vegan menu which is 100% organic. I am curious to  try more dishes and I hope they won’t disappoint. 

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