Whole30 thoughts and results

Yay, I have completed the whole30 challenge! I am feeling so happy with myself for having started on the plan in the first place and then having stuck to it. For me, these 30 days have been really amazing, testing my perseverance, motivation, dedication and sincerity. There have been some challenging days while on the plan but mostly it has been quite smooth.

Health – I didn’t really have any known health problems before I went on the plan but I can say that overall I feel much more energetic than before. I have also slept well and have been getting up in the morning without feeling lethargic (even though it is winter and freezing outside!).

The hardest part – On days when I hadn’t planned my meals, I would be a bit stressed out and if it hadn’t been for my husband’s support, who would always come to the rescue, I would have probably fallen off track.

Weight loss – I lost 6 pounds! Very happy of course but it was so much more than just the weight loss –  hair and skin look great, no more bloating, no cravings, feeling great overall!  

Advice – 1) Read up before you start the plan. You can find all the information you need on the whole30 site.  

2) Plan your meals and ensure you have some protein in your fridge and freezer at all time.

3) It is a lifestyle change and a start to a healthy lifestyle, so don’t focus too much on the weight-loss. As the plan says, do not step on the weighing scale.

4) If you have the option, go on the plan with a buddy. This will really help with the support and keep you motivated. I also got a lot of inspiration from instagram. Thank you guys! 

Final thoughts – The plan has left me feeling like a new person – and I am not exaggerating. It has really made me look at food differently. I am not saying that I will never order takeaways or never have that gooey chocolate cake, but now I don’t feel controlled by the food I eat. Well, I hope it stays this way. Overall very pleased with the whole30 plan. I can now proudly say ‘I am whole30’ 😉 

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