• The wake-up call – Time to take action

    I watch and read the news every morning but yesterday while watching the news, I …

  • Dinner at Le Frenchy (Dubai Marina)

    We don’t end up going to Marina side often but when I was invited …

  • Healthy breakfast at Wild & The Moon (Downtown Dubai)

    This place always caught my attention while passing by – an interestingly named cafe and a …

  • Pho at Vietnamese foodies (Downtown Dubai)

    We had been wanting to go here since the time it opened but only just …

  • Whole30 thoughts and results

    Whole30 thoughts and results

    Yay, I have completed the whole30 challenge! I am feeling so happy with myself for having started on the plan in the first place and then having stuck to it. For me, these 30 days have been really amazing, testing…

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    The whole30 January

    The whole30 January

    I have been hearing a lot about whole30 these days so decided to check it out. What is whole 30? Whole30 is a nutritional programme, a “short-term nutritional reset, designed to help you put an end to unhealthy cravings and…

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